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Summing Up –
Through iDiscovery you will:

  • Earn two graduate credits from Miami University each semester.
  • Share ideas and lesson plans with members of your online community of educators.
  • Integrate Ohio’s New Learning Standards into your instructional program.
  • Get support and assistance as you implement contextualized lessons.
  • Participate from your own desk, at home, or at school.
  • Participate at times that are convenient for you.
  • Learn how to access model materials to use in your classrooms.
  • Begin a life-long path of discovery.

For More Information

Sustaining professional development through Web-based Professional Development Communities.

iDiscovery creates Web-based Professional Development communities that support Ohio educators as they implement systemic reform-based curricula and instruction that is aligned with Ohio’s New Learning Standards for Mathematics and Science.

New to iDiscovery?

Before logging in, click on the buttons to the left to find out more about iDiscovery. To explore the curriculum, log in as “Smedley Trueblood” using “iDiscovery” as a password. Then click on “iDiscovery Implementing 21st Century Reform 1 or 2” in the left menu.